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Simge Simulation

Simge Simulation is an independent company founded by a group of hard-working and talented people in 2012. Since then, with a full team of professional engineers, Simge Simulation is working on various types of projects from different engineering disciplines. In this very short period of time, we had been completed three R&D projects which are promoted by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

The aim of the company is to bring the latest technology, innovative ideas and creative products to our customers and fulfill their requirements.

Although many of our products/solutions are based on military or value added civil applications, we also work hard at games/advergames and applications for mobiles and web browsers.

Fields of Activity:

  • Simulators (Pushback, Truck, Motorcycle, Racing, Paragliding)
  • Motion Platforms (2-3-6 DOF)
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Applications
  • Advergames  for Desktop, Mobile and Web
  • 2D and 3D Video Games
  • Interactive Architectural Visualization
  • Interactive Product Visualization
  • Visual Effects & Special Effects for Film&Game Industry


Kürşat Özcan

CEO / Electronics Engineer

The master and co-founder. Almost 16 years of experience. After working on different R&D Projects in defense industry, he decided to establish Simge Simulation. He is responsible for managing projects and organising team members for deadlines. When he is not working, he spend his spare time with his family and play with his childs.

Hakan Özcan

Mechatronics/Electronics Engineer

He is the electro mechanic side and co-founder of Simge Simulation Technologies.  Hakan has been interested in computer graphics and making games since the first experience of playing the game called Doom. After finishing electronics engineering, he did double majors on mechatronics engineering. When he doesn’t ponder on electro mechanic stuff, he is programming games and tools for games. Hakan is playing guitar and watching movies in his spare time.

Gökhan Özcan

Computer Engineer

The co-founder of Simge Simulation. Ever since the childhood Gokhan has dreamed of working in the video games related industry. After graduating and working for several companies, Gokhan has joined Simge Simulation, game and entertainment. He is currently works in R&D department. He develops softwares and make games in passion. He is also responsible of graphics for our shiny games. When he is not programming(which is very rare), he likes skiing and of course playing computer games.

Mehmet Yıldırım

3D Artist

After spending his 11 years working on modelling architectural structures, he decided to improve his skills and joined the team of Simge Simulation. Very talented guy for drawing, modeling and animation. He is responsible for preparing stunning and shiny assets for simulation environments. He is dancing in his spare time.

Ömür Efe Güçlü

Backend Developer

Ömür Efe is only 16 years old. He has been working with computers and programming since he was 12 years old. He joined the team with the game called StockWord: Award-Winning Word Game. He makes the backend software of our games. He is playing computer games in his spare time(Because he’s just a kid)

Sadık Hanecioğlu

Amsterdam Office Manager

Very kind and clever guy. For many years, he serve as IT manager in private secture. After that, he improved himself on commerce strategies and join the team  of Simge Simulation Technologies and now he is the sales manager at our Amsterdam office.

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    Where we are?

    Our call center services are provided between 09:00 am-6:00 pm (GMT+2) Monday through Saturday.

    Head Office(Turkey):
    Address: Bilkent Cyberpark Tepe Binasi No:B9 Çankaya Ankara-Türkiye
    Phone: +90 (312) 911 19 96
    Mobile/Whatsapp: +90 (506) 496 19 38
    Mail: [email protected]

    Amsterdam Office:
    Address: Sassenheimstraat 72 1059BL, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Phone: +31615246020
    Mail: [email protected]