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Advergame (Advertising game) is simple game which is notably prepared for the purpose of advertisement of companies. It is a new generation of marketing technique in which, some messages that step up the brand image, are placed. Advergame is mostly preferred by companies which want to elude traditional marketing methods. Advergame creates positive connections between comsumers and the company. Being in a relationship with the user who plays the game will ensure your brand to become more memorable.

Where Advergames are used?

They are mostly cross platform games which are playable on web pages, social platforms, mobile phones and of course PCs. The usage of advergame on the internet is more common and effective way compared with other platforms due to its arrival of millions of people.

WoodBall Mobile Game

“87 percent of players remember brands which are integrated in games they played…”

Web Advergame

ADVANTAGES of Advergame

Advergame marketing is the only media environment that can be addictive on humans unlike other advertising techniques. Advergames contribute greatly for added value of the brand. Because advergame entertain their players while they inform about brand. According to a search, performed by Double Fusion and Nielsen Interactive, ads which are presented in games increase the rate of familiarness of brands by 60%.

Some Comments on Advergame…

  • Advergames are very effective. They provide more positive feedbacks to companies compared to traditional marketing techniques. (IDGA Online Games)
  • Advergame is now a standart for interactive advertisement. (GartnerG2)
  • Most demanding web pages by users are ones which include web games inside it. (Nielsen Interactive)

“18-34 age group people plays online games instead of watching TVs in prime-time TV hours…”

Why Simge ?

Because we love games and we know what we do!

We are making cross platform Advergames which are playable on web pages, social platforms, mobile phones and of course PCs. Our games have rich content, high graphic quality, performance and a good gameplay.

Cross Platform Game

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