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Simge VR Lab



Simge simulation technologies working on simulation systems for years. During this period of time, we improved ourself much and become one of leading companies working on simulation/simulator systems in Turkey. We are still learning but one thing we understood well is SAFETY. Most simulators are operated by humans and we know that even a small fault may cost a human life! For our simulator products, we care a lot four main subjects following:

Robustness: Our systems are very serious in construction and design, and we use only good quality, well known actuators to make sure the system works as it has been designed. Our motion platforms are all designed by professional engineers.

High Fidelity Simulation: All of our simulation environments, physics, codes, etc are designed accurately with real life physics rules and parameters.

Realistic Graphics: We believe that the success of a simulation/simulator is directly related with graphics quality. That is why, we always use latest shader technology like PBR of today!

High Fidelity Driving Simulator

Driving Simulator

We are building high quality, low cost driving simulators for driving schools and academic researches. Our driving simulators has full support for our motion platforms and motion cueing software.


  • Accurate car Physics and Motion Dynamics
  • Real Vehicle Parameters
  • Customizable Cars (Suspension, Tire, Transmission, etc)
  • Real Vehicle Dashboard and Components
  • Alternative Motion Platforms(2 DoF, 3 DoF or 6 DoF)
  • Realistic Environments and High Quality Shaders
  • Alternative Display Systems (Curved Screen, Cave Screen, Head Mounted Display)
  • Full VR Support

Pushback Simulator

In aviation, pushback is an airport procedure during which an aircraft is pushed backwards away from an airport gate by external power. Pushbacks are carried out by special, low-profile vehicles called pushback tractors or tugs. These vehicles are extremely hard to use and a small fault may cause a damage on millions dollars aircrafts. Our physically accurate Pushback Tractor Simulator is right choice for you to train your operators without any risk.


  • Lots of Different Airports
  • Lots of Different Planes
  • Different Training Scenarios
  • Optional Air Conditions
  • Accurate Pushback Tractor Physics and Motion Dynamics
  • Real Vehicle Parameters
  • Real Vehicle Dashboard and Components
  • Alternative Motion Platform Support(2 DoF or 3 DoF)
  • Realistic Environments and High Quality Shaders
  • Alternative Display Systems (Curved Screen, Cave Screen, Head Mounted Display)
  • Full VR Support
Pushbak Tractor Simulator

Flight Simulator

Simge Simulation worked lots of R&D projects about flight training devices since its foundation. During this period of time, we developed different flight simulators for different purposes like commercial flight training or military flight training. Compared to million dollar full flight simulators, our flight simulators are pretty much low cost although their performance/cost ratio is pretty much high. You can learn more about our flight training devices if you call or email us.


  • Varied Cockpit Configurations
  • Optional Dual or Single Controls
  • Lots of Different Airports
  • Optional Motion Platform Support (2 DoF or 6 DoF)
  • Wide Angle Curved Screen
  • Emergency Conditions Training
  • Air Conditions Training


Motion Platform for Simulator
Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator

Parachute Simulator

Our cost-effective, safe and efficient Parachute (or alternatively Paraglider) simulator is designed for the training of parachute team of air forces. It is a well combination of 3D virtual reality and physically accurate parachute dynamics. We use procedurally generated real world terrain data for simulation environment. So, it is possible to train your students anywhere you want. We cover all emergency conditions where a parachute jumper may face during real life.


  • Full VR Support
  • Procedurally Generated Real World Terrain Data
  • Different Air Conditions
  • Accurate Physics Simulation
  • Realistic Environments and High Quality Shaders
  • High Quality Control Electronics



Simge Motion Master

Most of well known simulation games such as Lfs, rFactor, XPlane, Microsoft Fligh Simulator and many more are supported by our Motion Cueing Software called Simge Motion Master. If you want to integrate your own simulation game, you can easily do it by using our software API.

* Motion Optimization Tools
* Real Time Game Data Monitoring
* Washout Algorithms
* Motion Space Monitoring
* Various Types of Filters for Different Applications
* Fine Tuning Parameters

Motion Cueing Software